Here’s the deal. Anything I write on my blog and in the Dietitian Adventures section of this website is based on my experiences and my knowledge as a registered dietitian. I will not recommend products and services based on receiving compensation from other people or companies. I will never promote a product simply because I have received that product as a free sample or have received compensation for it.

If I do promote (or in the opposite case if I do not like/recommend) a product or restaurant, or grocery store or chef (seriously the opportunities in the nutrition and wellness world are endless!) or anything like that I will fully disclose if any relationship or conflict of interest exists, and they will be noted as such for readers to see.

The information that my clients provide to me will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone. I do not collect information about my clients to share with other companies or vendors. Occasionally there may be adds on my website. Currently I do not control those ads and receive no compensation for their appearance. Should that change in the future I will update this section and the section where the adds appear will be labeled as such.

That about covers it folks. Should you have any questions or concerns about RD 4 Disclosure or any of my privacy policies please send me a message through the contact form at the bottom of this page.