An awkward moment and a Happy 4th of July

What things make up an awkward moment?  Lets see…Ah…here we go…

How about a business owner who has been too busy to update her website? Seriously the last post this writer had in place was from (gasp!) February 23, 2016!

Or…and this one is a biggie…how about a business owner who after a “series of unfortunate events” had to close her business…. Did you gasp?  Can you picture my facial expression writing it, or worse, thinking about you reading it?  Yikes.

Well, there it is, that last thing I wrote, that’s the one that puts the icing on the awkward moment fudgey chocolatey gooey horribly delicious cake. (I can’t believe I put cake and awkward moment in the same sentence…forgive me)

So here we are, over a year later and without going into too much detail I want you to know that Osetek Wellness and Nutrition had to close for a short bit (it was really out of my control).  Know however, that we will be back and will taking clients hopefully in the beginning of 2018!  I hope your ready!

Whew, there it is, awkward moment over.  My mother always told me to just push through things that were uncomfortable because afterwards you can not only grow but see how beautiful change can be.  I’m choosing to think that way about the entire situation (for now, just know that everything really is ok and OWN is waiting for the right time to re-emerge bigger than before, like a phoenix from the flames of—..well you get the picture…).

So, in the last year and a few months, what has changed?  A lot.

I managed to run a few Marathons!  I completed San Diego’s Rock n Roll Marathon (finish: 3:54:08) to kick off my “back to running” after having our precious Emma (who is almost 2 years old now!).  Then, I attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Peak to Creek Marathon (finish: 3:41:23 and 2nd age group 30-34) and missed it by a couple of minutes (one and a half minutes…).  I decided to try one more time and managed to get the time I needed at Kiawah’s Marathon (finish: 3:34:11(gun time) and 3:33:25(chip time) with another 2nd age group placing)  this past December.

Then I set my sites on the Ultra World.  An Ultramarathon is any distance longer than the Marathon (most common however is 50K, 50 miles, 100K, 100 miles and longer including 6, 12, 24 hour races).  I wanted to complete the “Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie” 50 mile ultramarathon.  Why this race?  Because I had dropped out of the race not once…but twice (well, the second time I didn’t even go)!  So, I had a bone to pick.

Long story short (again I’ll save for some more postings in the future…or write a race recap!) the 50 miler came this past June and it went pretty well (finish: 9:28:17 – 1st female finisher)!  I ran a much smarter race than I would have in the past when I had done ultras and proved to myself that I could still run with the big kids!  Seriously, so much has changed in our little family’s life that with seven years passing since my last Ultra, I wasn’t sure my body or my mind could handle it!

So, here we are.  And of course, there’s one more bone I have to pick!  In 2010 I completed the Hinson Lake 24 hour ultramarathon with a goal of completing 100 miles for the distance.  I missed it by a little over 6 miles (finished 93.62 miles).

Looking back, I did not run a smart race even though I had such great support on that day.  Lots of running buddies for the daytime and some great family friends for the over night.  Lets come back to the present though!

Now…I’m trained.  Still recovering but with a good base of both running and lots of strength training (I’ll post about my new love of muscles later) and what do I see?  A race!  And its only 10 minutes from our home in North Carolina.

Allison Woods Haunted Halloween Hobble (here’s the link) is this coming October 28th and 29th…and they offer a 24 hour race.  Did I mention that it’s practically in my back yard?!!  I can’t resist it.  So I’m signing up ( I made sure it was ok with the hubby and asked Emma what she thought…she replied “apple juice” which I took as a yes).

So, the plan is (can you hear celestial laughing?! Plan…Plan? I’ll show you a plan!!)…

I’ll keep my training up and make another attempt at the 100 miles this coming October, seven years after my first attempt.  Then take a month off or so and begin training for Boston.

Oh yeah.  I forgot.  The 50 miler I ran last month qualified me to sign up for the Umstead 100 mile race in Cary North Carolina in April.  I may try to sign up for that this September during Boston sign ups.  But it is VERY hard to get in.  My motto is you never know unless you try?!

I hope this post makes sense, and that I didn’t throw too much at you…or bore you!  I hope you got through the awkward moment with me and still have interest here and with OWN in the future after we re-open, rising like a phoenix through the ashes…you get it right?!

Happy 4th of July, may this post make you laugh at least a little, and have a great day!